2013 Year Review

Visits in 2013 by country - map

As another year goes past, we all do our evaluations and look back at what we achieved in the last and what still has to be done in the new year. Since you are a big part of Hitch-Hikers Handbook and we wouldn’t write our blog with such enthusiasm if it wasn’t for you, we’d like to share with you our yearly review.

In terms of travel blogging, in 2013:

Visits in 2013 by country - map

The total of visits to our blog from other countries, the darker the colour the more visits from that territory.


Have a look at some funny and random search engine terms people used before landing on our website:

Funny search engine terms in 2013. Year 2013 review

Some of these people must have been deeply disappointed with what they found :)


In terms of hitch-hiking and travelling, in 2013:


Our plans for 2014?

It was a very exciting year but we promise that 2014 will be even more so! I hope I won’t reveal too much if I say that in 2014 there will be more exciting sections on our blog, including culture & traditions and budget traveller’s tips. We are planning to show you interesting things from around the world not only in our pictures but also in videos, thanks to our newly purchased video camera :) And in terms of travelling, we are planning to set off for the biggest trip so far, visiting at least 13 new countries and covering 25,000 km by thumb! So we hope you will stay with us in this exciting adventure we are yet to undertake!

Thanks for being with us and for your huge support in 2013! We wish you a fabulous year, packed with exciting trips, kind people and beautiful places to discover!

If you have any ideas for posts, tips or competitions we could do this year, let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy 2014. Year review

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