Our interview for NomadWallet.com

Interview for NomadWallet

Our interview for NomadWallet.com

Some might say that hitchhiking is an art long forgotten and that not many people do it nowadays. We prove you wrong, serving you hitchhiking stories both from our travels and written by our contributors. Since the beginning of our presence in the blogging world (nearly 2 years now), we feel that we’ve managed to bring hitchhiking closer to you, explain its intricacies and show that you don’t have to be a bum to do it and enjoy it. We have also noticed a growing interest in our blog, both from the advertisers and media editors. This interview for NomadWallet is the first one of a few interviews we have given recently, in which we talked about hitchhiking, its safety and the financial side of it amongst other things.

But what is NomadWallet.com?

NomadWallet is not your typical travel blog. It’s “about money and other practical things that being a nomad entails” such as:

• Working while traveling.
• Building and growing location-independent businesses.
• Investing and why you should do it.
• Dealing with multiple currencies at once.
• How to live more simply, be happier and save money at the same time.

Meet Deia, the editor of NomadWallet.com

Deia calls herself a “a compulsive nomad; one who’s more of a serial expat than a full-time traveler. Born in Indonesia, I’ve lived in six cities on three different continents, moving every few years. Because of my nomadic lifestyle, I need to earn money in ways that don’t depend on my staying in one place. That’s why I work as a freelance writer and invest in real estate — yes, remotely and even as I move around”.

Our interview for NomadWallet.com

In the introduction to the interview, Deia very aptly described what hitchhiking nowadays really is and how it is perceived by many:

“You’ve seen it at least once on TV and have heard more than one horror story about it. It has a bad reputation, so despite it being a free way to travel, you might have reservations about doing it yourself. After all, the hitchhikers in the movies almost always end up dead or something.

My interviewees today, though, have hitchhiked all over the world for years and they’re still in one piece. In fact, they say the only danger they’ve ever encountered were irresponsible drivers. And who hasn’t been driven around by one of those? Sometimes I even pay a bad driver for his services.”

Read the full interview here.

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