Alcazaba de Malaga [Málaga, Spain]

Málaga, Spain (14) - White water vessal and tap, inside Alcazaba de Málaga

InFocus: Alcazaba de Malaga [Málaga, Spain]

The Alcazaba of Malaga (from the Arabic al-qasbah, قصبة, meaning “citadel”) is the best preserved Alcazaba in all of Spain and is situated on a hill in the centre of the city, overlooking the port.

Walls of Alcazaba de Málaga - Malaga, Spain (9), InFocus: Alcazaba de Malaga

Built by the Hammudid dynasty in the 11th century, the palatial fortification comprises of both an outer and inner citadel and originally helped to form part of the city walls. The fortress was eventually captured by the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella after the Siege of Málaga (1487), one of the longest sieges of the Reconquista.

Pathway and gateway to Alcazaba de Málaga - Malaga, Spain (7), InFocus: Alcazaba de Malaga

Notable features of the outer citadel include the Puerta de la Bóveda (Vault Gate) and the gardens, adorned with a number of elaborate fountains as you pass through the Puerta de las Columnas (Gate of the Columns). Inside the inner citadel, which is entered through the Puerta de los Cuartos de Granada (Gate of the Granada Quarters), highlights include dwellings built on three concurrent Andalusian patios in 11th, 13th and 14th centuries as well as the Cuartos de Granada (Quarters of Granada) which served as lodging for kings and governors. From the gardens at the very summit of the complex great views are afforded across the city, surrounding hills and port.

White water vessal and tap, inside Alcazaba de Málaga - Malaga, Spain (14), InFocus: Alcazaba de Malaga

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Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 2
Opening Times: Summer: Mon: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Tues – Sun: 9 a.m. – 8.15 p.m. Winter: Mon: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tues – Sun: 8.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m. (the change of hour from summer to winter and vice-versa, changes with the official change of hours i.e. putting the clocks back / forward)
Price: Standard Ticket: 2.20 € Alcazaba-Gibralfaro double ticket: 3.55€ Pensioners, Students, Children: 0.60 € Sundays after 2 p.m. Free

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  • I had to look up what an Alcazaba is! I absolutely love travel posts that share not only the beauty but especially the history of places, Ania and Jon! I like to close my eyes for a few when I read a post like this and pretend to “feel” and “be there” back in the day. Great read you two! :)

    • Thanks a dozen for your lovely comment, Mike! We also like this part of travelling when apart from seeing beautiful things, you also learn about the history and culture of places you visit! :)
      Have a nice weekend, Mike!

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