Slovenia hitch-hiker’s essentials

Slovenia hitch-hiker’s essentials

Types of roads

Motorway symbol in Slovenia - avtocesta1. Motorways (avtocesta, AC, A-roads) – dual carriageways with a speed limit of 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph). They have white-on-green road signs as in Italy, Croatia and other countries nearby. Hitch-hiking on them is illegal..

Expressways symbol in Slovenia - hitra cesta2. Expressways (hitra cesta, HC, H-roads) – they are secondary roads, also dual carriageways, but without an emergency lane. They have a speed limit of 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) and have white-on-blue road signs. Hitch-hiking on them is illegal..

3. Main roads (glavna cesta) – with a general speed limit of 90 km/h. But it might change depending on the terrain to 70 km/h in hilly terrain or 60 km/h in the mountains. Hitch-hiking on them is legal, unless stated otherwise..

4. Regional roads (regionalna cesta, R-roads) – with a general speed limit of 90 km/h. But it might change depending on the terrain to 70 km/h if you’re driving through plains, or 50 km/h around the hills and 40 km/h in the mountains. Hitch-hiking on them is legal, unless stated otherwise.

Motorway map of Slovenia (avtocesta)

motorway map of Slovenia
.Ljubljana’s ring road

Ljubljana's ring road, Slovenia hitch-hikers essentials

Absolutely essential hitch-hiker’s phrasebook

HelloŽivjo (ZHEE-vyoh) / Zdravo (ZDRAH-voh)
Thank youHvala (HVAA-lah)
YesDa (dah)
No – Ne (neh)
PleaseProsim (PROH-sihm)
Excuse meOprostite (oh-prohs-TEE-teh)
How are you? – Kako si? (kah-KOH see?) / Kako ste? (kah-KOH steh?)
Fine, thank you! – Hvala, dobro! (HVAH-lah, DOH-broh)
GoodbyeNasvidenje. (nahs-VEE-deh-nyeh)
Hich-hikingštopanje (shto-PAH-nye)
I don’t have moneyNimam denarja (NEE-mum deh-NAR-ya)
we don’t have moneyNimava denarja (nee-MUH-vah deh-NAR-ya; said by 2 people) / Nimamo denarja (nee-MUH-noh deh-NAR-ya; said by more than 2 people)
moneydenar (DEH-nar)
I’m going – Grem … (gryehm…)
We are going to … – Gremo… (GRYE-moh…; said by 2 people) / Greva (GRYE-vah…; said by more than 2 people)
Where are you going? – Kam pa greste? (Cum pah GRYE-ste?)
Can we go with you? – Lahko gremo s tabo? (lah-KOH GRYE-moh STA-boh? …; said by 2 people) / Lahko greveo s tabo? (lah-KOH GRYE-vah STA-boh?…; said by more than 2 people)
I am… – sem… (sehm…)
My name is… – Ime mi je… (ee-MEH mee yeh…)
I am from… – (io) sono de… (EE-yo SOH-noh deh…)
What is your name? – Kako ti je ime? (inf.) (kah-KOH tee yeh ee-MEH?) / Kako Vam je ime? (form.) (kah-KOH vahm yeh ee-MEH?)
Nice to meet you! – Lepo, da sva se spoznala  (leh-POH, dah svah seh spohz-NAH-lah)
I don’t understand – Ne razumem (neh rah-ZOO-mahm)
now – sedaj (SEH-dai) / zdaj (Zdai)
today – danes (DAH-nehs)
yesterday – včeraj (VCHEH-rai)
tomorrow – jutri (YOO-tree)
friend –  prijatelj (pri-YA-telee)
→ Very useful when they ask you where you’re staying. The concept of Couchsurfing is often too difficult to explain, so just say you’re staying with a friend. You can also use this word to express the relationship between you and your fellow travellers.
Can you stop? – Lahko ustavite? (lah-KOH us-TAH-vee-teh?)
I want to get out – Želim oditi (ZHEH-leem O-dee-tee)
Turn left – Zavijte levo! (Za-VEEY-teh LEH-voh)
Turn right – Zavijte desno! (Za-VEEY-teh DEHS-noh)
Straight ahead – Naravnost! (Nah-RAH-vnost!)
Here – tukaj (TOO-cay)
Do you have… (in a shop) – Imate …? (ee-MAH-teh…?)
beer –  pivo (PEE-voh)
You should know this word, you will be often invited for some.
bus stationavtobusna postaja (ow-toh-BOOS-nah POHS-tah-yah)
You should know this word and listen out for it to avoid situations when your driver, in their best intentions, takes you off the road and drives you to a station.
train stationželezniška postaja (ZHEH-lehz-neesh-kah POHS-tah-yah)
Help – Na pomoč! (nah POH-motch!)
Look out! – Pazi! (PAH-zee!)
street – ulica (oo-LEE-tsah)
road – cesta (TSEH-stah)
roundabout – krožišče (crho-ZHEE-sh-cheh)
crossroads – križišče (cree-ZHEE-sh-cheh)

Bohinj, Slovenia (1) - Cerkev Sv Janeza Krstnika church, Ribčev Laz

Our Experience

It was during our Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013 trip when we visited Slovenia for the first time and we loved it!  During our trip, we spent a week in Slovenia, covering 445 km by thumb!

This was our route (click to see the full map):

written by: Ania


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