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Guest Post: 9 Things you should be aware of when hitchhiking and backpacking in Cuba – Part 2 – by Phoebe Whitehouse (phoebeswanderlust)

Cuba by Phoebe Whitehouse (7) - Che Guevara black and white

In this week’s guest post… we join Phoebe to discover the advantages and disadvantages of travelling in Cuba on a budget and we take a closer look at transport and scams that travellers need to be aware of …

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Travel Photography Competition – week 100

Arturas Burming‎ - Lighthouse next to Vik, Iceland

Welcome to the centenary edition of our popular weekly Travel Photography Competition! This week we are going on a short trip to the beaches of Greece, the rugged coastline of Iceland and the stunning peaks of Italy. Take a look at these wonderful images and get some inspiration for your next trip!

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Travel Photography Competition – week 99

KOEphotography - The Menara gardens, Marrakech, Morocco

This week, in our Travel Photography Competition – week 99, we are taking you on a short trip to the mountains of Canada, the gardens of Morocco and the beaches of Poland! So take a look at these three stunning photographs and start planning your trip today!

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